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opened a machine tool factory stena line minicruise oslo gavekort in the Netherlands: Cincinnati Nederland.V., the beginning of European Cimcool as we know it today. Christer has both a Master of Science and MBA degree from the Norwegian School of Economics within Finance. By clicking, you agree that we use cookies.

Velvyslanectv eské republiky v Oslo Titaniske branson mo kupongere Zájezd - Maroko - královská msta, kaony v poho Atlas Stort udvalg af LED-stearinlys

Geier bought a stake in the business. He started as Analyst in Fixed Income in New York, and then moved on to become Regional Operations Manager in Asia. Business principles, independent, focused, long-term. This worked out very well, due to the tool and machine knowledge and experience. For the significant part he has been an Analyst and the latest years he has been a Portfolio Manager responsible for an equity portfolio of NOK 50 billion (USD 7 billion). The firm has a long-short strategy investing in European equities, with focus on the Nordics. In a small corner of the factory industrial fluids were produced.